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Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Venzara and Dr. Bashore are two of Central Florida’s experts at reconstructive surgery.  Brevard Cosmetic Surgery Center offers a variety of reconstructive surgical procedures.  We are providers for many different insurance carriers and hold privileges at several Central Florida hospitals and offsite surgery centers. Appointments are available on a referral basis or by calling the office after you have checked your insurance policy to see if we are a preferred provider.

Breast reconstruction is typically performed after mastectomy in some breast cancer patients. Reconstruction is an involved process that takes time to achieve the best cosmetic result possible. Typically after the breast tissue is removed by a general surgeon, the breast reconstruction takes place as either an immediate or delayed sub type. In the immediate breast reconstruction patient, the plastic surgeon places a tissue expander at the time of mastectomy. In the delayed reconstruction patient, the tissue expander is placed after the patient has healed some time after the mastectomy.

The tissue expander is filled with fluid weekly to achieve a pocket for the permanent implant to be placed. This process can take up to several months. When the pocket has formed the permanent implant is then placed. At times nipple reconstruction is performed as well. For more information you can visit the American Society of Plastic Surgery at