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3-in-1 Super Facial


Oxfoliate, Amplify, and Detox. Glo2Facial combines advanced skincare technology with customized OxyPods and serums tailored to meet your specific skincare requirements.

Balance, Illuminate, Detox, Revive, Hydrate

A Glo2Facial is a revolutionary new anti-aging skin treatment that uses oxygen, ultrasound, and lymphatic massage with red light therapy to target the deepest layers of your skin barrier. It can help improve wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, uneven pigmentation, and other signs of aging.

Benefits of a Glo2Facial

  • Here are some of the most common benefits:
  • Improves skin tone and texture with exfoliation
  • Reduces signs of aging by improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen production for fuller, firmer skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars, decreases pore size, clears blemishes and removes impurities
  • Encourages the natural process of skin rejuvenation
  • Supports long-lasting results from other skin rejuvenating procedures
  • Plumps, hydrates, and brightens skin by creating the proper hydration levels beneath the skin surface
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation leaving your skin with a bright glow

What Types of Glo2Facial Are Available?

There are many different types of Glo2Facial treatments available.

  • Balance

    This treatment is for our patients with oily and acne prone skin. Bamboo Charcoal clarifies the skin by removing dirt and impurities. Anti-bacterial ingredients treat acne while antioxidants reduce pore size and minimize oil production.

  • Illuminate

    Illuminate  is best for patients who have areas of hyperpigmentation they would like to address. Vitamin C and Kojic Acid work to fade dark spots and even out skin tone. Carrot Extract repairs skin cells and plumps skin texture.

  • Revive

    Revive  is ideal for mature skin. This treatment uses Red Algae to inhibit collagen break down and Caffein Acid to to stimulate collagen production. The overall result is an improvement in elasticity and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

  • Detox

    Detox boots cellular renewal, soothes irritated skin and battles environmental stressors. Green Tea Extract  and Marula Oil repair UV damage while Copper Gluconate stimulates collagen synthesis.

  • Hydrate

    Hydrate is for dull, dry skin. This treatment works to improve skin’s moisture retention and enhance hydration and firmness all while strengthening the skin barrier. Key ingredients include Blue Spirulina, Niacinamide and Pha – Lactobionic Acid

What Should You Expect From a Glo2Facial?

A Glo2Facial treatment takes over an hour to complete as it combines the technologies of exfoliation, amplification and detoxification with traditional massage, hot towels and steam. This Super Facial takes over an hour to complete. Patients describe a Glo2Facial as an experience in itself and it is one of our most requested services!

During the treatment, Joan will gently cleanse your skin then apply a special serum containing active ingredients such as peptides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. She then uses specialized techniques including exfoliation to bring oxygen to your skin surface, ultrasound to amplify the ability of the specialized serum to infuse deep into your skin and red light therapy with lymphatic massage to allow for overall detoxification.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for a Glo2Facial Treatment?

Everyone! Glo2Facial treatments are suitable for all skin types and skin concerns including anti-aging, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmention, and uneven skin tone or texture. This treatment can benefit anyone who wants to improve their complexion, reduce wrinkles and fine lines or even out their skin tone. Speak to your provider about your skin concerns so they can customize your Glo2Facial specifically for you.

Why Choose Brevard Cosmetic Surgery Group for a Glo2Facial?

At BCSG, we specialize in providing the highest quality treatments and services. Our experienced team of professionals uses advanced technology for Glo2Facial treatments to deliver superior results. We strive to ensure patient safety and satisfaction during each visit, so you can rest assured you’re receiving the best care possible.

Commonly Asked Questions About
Glo2Facial Treatments

  • Glo2Facials are an overall relaxing experience. The first step of the OxiPod is described as “spicy” or “tingly” with the process of oxygenating your skin while exfoliating but not painful at all. You can feel the process really working. After that you can expect a soothing ultrasound therapy treatment followed by red light lymphatic massage.

  • The frequency of treatments depends on your individual skin type, but most people benefit from a monthly facial as part of their skincare routine.

  • Nope! The treatment is non-invasive and does not require any downtime. Just enjoy the GLOW!

  • Glo2Facials can be customized to all of your skincare needs. Anti-aging, acne, brightening, detoxing, hydration and rosacea can all be addressed!

  • Yes! Glo2Facials are a great accompaniment to   laser treatments like SmoothGlo, triLift and CO2 as well as chemical peels.

  • Yes, Glo2 Facials can improve the appearance of scars and blemishes by increasing cell turnover and improving skin texture. The treatment can also reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne breakouts.

  • A beautiful GLOW that leaves you “Red Carpet Ready”. Talk to our skincare specialists on how to support your Glo2Facial with a daily skincare regimen.

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